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tv   [untitled]    March 10, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PST

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>> good morning, everyone. i am the executive director of the bay area.
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we do not get a turnaround you get. and is our honor and privilege to host you, mr. mayor, city college of san francisco, a leading companies in san francisco, and fellow community organizations. we open your bay area three years ago this past tuesday and will come to our class of 80 students. we are trying to solve two problems of the same time. the first is that companies are struggling to find talent, particularly in the field of technology. at the same time, there are thousands of talented young adults in the city and more than 5 million across the country looking for the opportunity to build a meaningful career. our students go through five months of intensive training and hard i.t. skills and the increasingly important soft skills of communication and professionalism. this is on by an internship of
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one of 21 companies, who are represented today. we expect the number of companies to grow because of the leadership we have been city hall. there is a buzz in the city because we have an administration that understands the importance of economic development, and one that understands economic development is still by workforce development. it have to attend both at the same time. it is my honor to introduce a man who knows how to create and the the economic engine, the honorable mayor ed lee. [applause] >> thank you very much. i have had a chance to reflect the last couple of hours on what i wanted to say today. the first thing that came to my mind was the years that i spent in every community of the city picking up trash with kids, all over the neighborhoods, just realizing what can we do to reach everybody in each neighborhood?
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we tried to do that through the neighborhood cleanup. more importantly, when it came to jobs and future, when i ascended to this position, i wanted to signal strongly that not only would we bring business back in the most enlightening way and get those new economy's going, but we would do it in a way to create open our kids. the worst thing is to have kids in neighborhood say, downtown and city hall, they get the jobs and create businesses and they make those tax decisions, but it does not touch me. it is not about me. how do we do that in the city, where it is so exciting these days to invite our technology companies to come together and work with us? that has been on my mind for a long time. it was there years ago when we struggled with this concept called digital divide. remember that?
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technology is moving ahead, apple and everybody is in silicon valley and they are creating these wonderful machines, but not for us. we have to catch up in some way, and if we're lucky, we can get one of these jobs. i do not want to depend on luck any more. it should be part of the way we think in this city. when we create opportunities for businesses to thrive here, when recreate jobs, when i invite twitter to stay in the city and have that decision resonate, working with supervisors like mark farrell, and jane kim, we all work together. we have to think several steps ahead. the most exciting thing is to have a san francisco resident land these jobs and get the foundation by which they will be successful. that is what we mean when we use the world sustainable. those words are not part of us either.
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they were for the environmental movement. what does that mean for us? it is really about making sure our local government works to create the conditions which our kids are successful and the very businesses that we give breaks to, and then we help establish success for, and then we invite to come into our city. today is going to be another great announcement. i want to thank you for all the work you are doing. i want to thank colon for joining us as well, helping us put together a fantastic grant application, and to also thank minority leader pelosi's office. friends who also believe this is where we have to go. this is what san francisco has been all about. today, announcing that we have a
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grant from the department of labor for $5 million, that fulfills an application put together brilliantly and number of different companies, training institutions, collaborating with the city college, to bring real hope to our kids in san francisco, kids that we care about. we fulfil a promise that has been made for decades that we would not leave you without hope in the city. we put real dollars into that today. you are going to hear this from this administration time and again. you will have a lot of your colleagues talk about this day. everything has changed from this day forward. we are not going to have businesses just succeed on their own without lifting of our participation. whether it is jobs looking at those earlier jobs that we focused on.
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these tech companies and their early stages were looking for the most brilliant software engineers they could find, so they were recruiting from berkeley, stanford, and they got to that initial talent. but as they grow and sustain this industry, they are looking for data systems administrators. they're looking for multimedia artists. graphic designers. they are looking for marketers and customer service people. all of the town that wants to stand behind me that it is represented here is san francisco's. the greatness of our city is with the town we have locally. there is not going to be a divide here. there will be an opportunity here, with this grant, we create the educational links that give the skill sets and then the companies will turn around -- the companies have already committed that are here today -- like ibm, ibm, salesforce, all
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the companies that have joined us in this effort, have been a commitment to hire from this training center we are creating today. so it is not just a promise any more. real dollars are being spent. you are going to be trained, you will get those skills, and it will go right into job opportunities and this will be the recruitment center for companies relocating here. the promise is being delivered because we have friends like nancy pelosi, jay, gleen and others working with organizations in san francisco to make us successful author of the stages. it is not just an announcement about money. it is an announcement about the way we do things and the way we think in this city. these kids should never feel that their local government has abandoned them in anyway. we are promising you that you have these jobs. we want you to stay and growth here, just like what the company's to stay and grow.
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what our kids to be proud of the city that they grew up in and love. when you are aware around the city and doing your second jobs to get through school, the members about being here and having your generation create your family here is going to begin today. it is my pleasure to announce this grant today, but to thank all of the collaboration that has gone on. this grant will be done through tech sf, something that we have been talking about since we ever started this conversation with various companies. we want our work force to be included. we won our residents to know these are not just companies that are going to make money because they seem to have found some rich niche here. they are going to do with local talent, invest in our people.
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that is how you bring a whole city around to welcoming an industry that we are excited about. not only will it happen here in these technologies. i see the same thing happening in the biotech and life sciences companies we are inviting in the mission. even with companies like the giants and how they operate, and maybe the warriors if they come here. any institution that we have, they will look towards our kids and youth, and then it is not only that as well. i am also talking about the returning veterans who used to live here and in his or her service, can come back and feel will come to get into job opportunities. is about people who may have lost their jobs recently and may need to change careers that are struggling to do to city college and they discovered their classes were canceled because of some stupid person in sacramento did not make the right decision. that we make the right promise here.


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